400 - 645 Wellington Street
Montreal, Quebec H3C 0L1
Tel.: 514.849.6144
Fax: 514.843.7456
Toll Free (U.S.A): 1.800.879.6144
Toll Free (Canada): 1.800.668.6144

1200-A Scottsville Road
Rochester, NY 14624
Tel.: 585.758.5800
Fax: 585.758.5798
Toll Free (USA): 1.800.879.6144
OTI # : 20237NF
CHB # : 22346

Company directory

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Corporate Offices - Montreal (514) 849-6144
Company Management, 514-849-6145 +ext
Ole EnderslevFounder2003
Sales Team, 514-849-6145 +ext
Mia GinterTrade & Pricing Manager, North America2009
Lisa RosenblattTrade & Pricing Supervisor, N.A.2046
Pamela TobarInternational & Pricing Coordinator, N.A.2044
Maria GrandaInternational & Pricing Coordinator, N.A.2501
Audrey DebayleInternational & Pricing Coordinator, N.A.2007
Mahwish MirzaInternational & Pricing Coordinator, N.A.2039
Operations Team, 514-849-6145 +ext
Ewa RudowiczOperations Team Leader2040
Annya NashOperation Coordinator2048
Kerry PowellOperation Coordinator2017
Patrizia Di RussoOperation Coordinator2047
Matthew BlanchetteAir Operation Coordinator2038
Erin LeflerOperation Coordinator2043
Rose ZuluOperation Coordinator2042
Mike McQuillenOperation Coordinator2276
Natalia LeonOperation Coordinator2533
Finance & Administration, 514-849-6145 +ext
Lisa BrunettiCollections Manager2041
Roula BolosPayables Coordinator2036
U.S. Office - Rochester, NY 585-758-5800/1-800-879-6144
Christina FuscoVice President, International Freight Operations
Kathi WozniakVice President, Customs Operations
Jessica LambAccount Executive
Jessica CalleaUS Customs Brokerage Coordinator
Heather BrunetteAccount executive
Kay DuboisUS Customs Brokerage Coordinator
Carla LafaveUS Customs Brokerage Coordinator
Lori BrinkUS Customs Brokerage Coordinator
U.S. Office - TX 469-402-2140
Cristina CuellarExport Logistics Manager


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