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Expedited Rail Service From the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts

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Expedited Rail Service Availability To Eastern Canada and U.S. Midwest 2018-05-16

The normal routine of working of a container vessel at the port of discharge involves craning containers off of the ship, putting them into piles of units that are then sorted, piled again, and eventually assigned to flatcars for rail. It can take a matter of several days or even weeks between the moment a normal container is offloaded and when it is sent to rail.
Expedited Rail Service (ERS for short) is a special chargeable service option provided by carriers that allows shippers who cannot wait for the normal course of events to speed up the transfer of their intermodal marine containers from vessel to rail. ERS is available at Prince Rupert (Fairview Cove), Vancouver (Deltaport, Centerm, Vanterm) and Halifax (Halterm) and the process involves: 
  • A written request for ERS must be received by Milgram as close to vessel departure as possible and no later than three business days prior to the ETA at the intended port of discharge  
  • Once submitted, a request for ERS cannot be revoked.
  • ERS availability / capacity is subject to rail car supply and terminal fluidity.
  • The client will be asked for a guarantee of payment for the ERS surcharge that is applicable to their move.
  • If a request for ERS cannot be fulfilled for a specific shipment, the ERS surcharge will not be billed by the carrier.
The published service standards for ERS as follows: 
  • Ex-Prince Rupert: Once discharged from the vessel, container will be loaded onto the first available train to destination
  • Ex-Vancouver, Halifax: ERS containers will be loaded to the first available train to destination following completion of work on the importing vessel
ERS is available for shipments terminating in Montreal or Toronto as well as for certain destinations in the Midwestern U.S.A. ERS has in past seasons proven to be a useful tool for importers who are in need of their containers but cannot wait for their cargo to follow the normal path.
It should be noted that if a unit is selected for a CBSA exam at the port of discharge, ERS is impossible and the container will go into a queue waiting for an opening at the CBSA exam facility.
Please contact your Milgram Client Services Representative for any additional information.


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