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Truck Detention Contributes To Accident Rate

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Excessive Detention Time Contributes to Higher Crash Rate, Reduced Income: Audit 2018-02-12

Although it said recent accurate industry-wide data are lacking, a new audit by the U.S. Department of Transportation Inspector General estimates that truck driver detention time increases the number of fatal, injury and tow-away crashes, and costs drivers and motor carriers a significant loss of income.
The audit was an analysis of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration safety data using 2013 dwell time at loading docks collected for a 2014 agency study and the assumption that dwell time in excess of two hours represented detention.
“We estimated that a 15-minute increase in average dwell time – the total time spent by a truck at a facility – increases the average expected crash rate by 6.2%,” the audit said. “In addition, we estimated that detention is associated with reductions in annual earnings of $1.1 billion to $1.3 billion for for-hire commercial motor vehicle drivers in the truckload sector. For motor carriers in that sector, we estimated that detention reduces net income by $250.6 million to $302.9 million annually.”
However, the audit cautions that accurate industry-wide data on driver detention do not currently exist because most industry stakeholders measure only time spent at a shipper or receiver’s facility beyond the limit established in shipping contracts.
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