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Liner Reliability Slumps

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Liner Reliability on Major Trades Slumps 2018-02-12

Containership operators saw reliability significantly decline last year, according to SeaIntel.
The analyst said global schedule reliability deteriorated by 8.4 percentage points, to 74.5% in 2017, down from 82.9% in 2016.
None of the top 18 carriers improved on their 2016 schedule reliability scores last year, according to SeaIntel.
On the major East-West trade lanes, Asia to North America West Coast saw a 9.3 percentage point drop in schedule reliability, to 72.1% in 2017.
On the Transpacific trade from Asia to North America East Coast ports there was also a significant drop in on-time performance, from 80.4% in 2016 to 66.3% in 2017.
The Transatlantic trade in both directions saw drops in on-time performance of larger than 10.0 percentage points, with Transatlantic Westbound declining by 10.5 percentage points, to 67.4%, and Transatlantic Eastbound decreasing by 10.6 percentage points, to 70.2% in 2017.
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Source: CIFFA    


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