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eHBL Restart Date: Not Anytime Soon 2018-01-29

Milgram have written many times about the progress (or apparent lack therof) with CBSA’s eManifest program implementation for freight forwarders.
eManifest has been fully implemented for road and rail for quite some time.
The part of the program that applies to freight forwarders has been an on-again, off-again kind of thing; it is now “off” again.

Milgram have been transmitting eManifest on a voluntary basis since 2014.
Forwarders were initially told to start transmitting electronic housebill (eHBL) data in November of 2016 during what was referred to as a period of informed compliance (zero-rated monetary penalties or “AMPS” as they are called).
Implementation was then put on hold and forwarders even became unable to transmit eHBL in certain cases (for full containers and buyer’s consolidations, either of which are meant to be cleared at a primary warehouse such as railhead or marine terminal and then delivered from there intact).
Many program faults that have been itemized by CBSA have yet to be fixed; that makes eManifest filing a bit of a crap shoot when it should be smooth and simple.
Rumour had it that CBSA would make an announcement about restarting implementation this Spring, leading up to informed complaince starting sometime after that, but now it seems that is become less probable and that we can only expect further development towards the fourth quarter of 2018 (or maybe even later than that).
The Executive Director of CIFFA (the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association) adds her two cents to the topic in a blog post that is referred today in CIFFA’s daily eBulletin:

It seems that not a day goes by without a question coming into the CIFFA Secretariat about eHBL and potential restart dates. What can we expect? When will the program take off again? What is happening?
Please read the Executive Director’s Blog to learn the latest.

If you have any questions about the state of eManifest or technical questions in this regard, please contact Ted Chazin, Milgram’s Compliance and Risk Management Consultant.



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