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How Winter Weather Impacts Your Deliveries

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The Winter of 2017-2018 has been kind to some of us but brutal for others.
Snow, mixed precipitation or just plain rain and the freeze-thaw cycle have the potential to create dangerous situations for the truckers on whose services we all depend.
The problematic aspects of snow, rain and ice can be summarized as follows: 
  • Any considerable depth of snow in a driveway or shipping and receiving can make driving dangerous
  • Likewise an accumulation of ice can create a clear driving and even walking hazard
  • Truckers cannot leave private property with trailers or containers that have any accumulation of snow on top of their equipment
We know about these issues from our personal lives and also need to consider the interests and safety of the truckers that move our goods and merchandise.
We can help them by enhancing safety in and around shipping and receiving areas by: 
  • Assuring that driveways and shipping/receiving areas are plowed properly
  • Salting or spreading abrasive when conditions have allowed ice to develop on any of those surfaces
  • Removing any snow piled-up on top of trailers or containers that have been left idle for loading or unloading (without going on top of a unit or trailer that is hazardous by itself)
It might not seem evident at first glance, but all of the above are the responsibility of shippers and receivers; if the conditions on the shipper or receiver’s premises are deemed hazardous enough, a trucker can rightfully decide to refuse a pick-up or delivery.
All trade chain partners have a shared responsibility to assure that our truckers can operate safely and maintain their productivity.
Please read a bulletin from the Alberta Government on the necessity of removing snow from trucks and trailers here.
An example of the simple and inexpensive snow removal tool that is referred to in the Government of Alberta publication is shown here; clients should find one that is right for their situation.



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