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Tough Times for Canadian Supply Chain

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Weather, Congestion Delays Affect Supply Chain; Forwarders Feel the Heat 2018-01-16

It was a Blue Monday indeed on January 15 as CIFFA members reported widespread congestion across the network.
Winter weather has wrought havoc across the country, on maritime vessel routes and on both coasts, with freeze, thaw, wind, rain, snow and ice taking turns disrupting fluidity in the supply chain.
On-dock footage at Port of Vancouver terminals has been on the increase. Members are concerned about the lack of railcar availability with fears the backlog will not resolve quickly.
Cold weather means shorter trains.
A January 14 CN Winter Situation report showed extreme temperatures across the Prairies and Alberta.
Quebec railway suffers flood damage (from Canadian Shipper).
With heavy on-dock activity, ship dockings have been delayed as well. Berth congestion and rail network issues were cited in several vessel bulletins, as were delays due to bad-weather issues in the Pacific.
On January 15, CIFFA was informed of a dray operator that has begun implementing surcharges for wait times at container/intermodal yards. This applies to all loaded and empty containers and takes effect on January 15th, 2018 and was due to persistent wait times at container yards in Edmonton and Calgary, the operator reported.
After heavy storms on the East Coast, and several Maritime provinces dealing with flooding, rain and washout effect after a January thaw, maritime activity has been impacted.
In Halifax, some vessels were departing with reported 7-8 days’ delay due to accumulated delays from previous voyages and further delay because of the storm hitting the East Coast.
Adding to the cumulative delays, container exam waits at CBSA on the West Coast Vancouver terminals are longer than usual, reported at 15 days and over.

Source: CIFFA


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