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Ongoing Delays At CBSA Longroom, Montreal

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Paper Pileups: Delays Ongoing at CBSA Longroom Port 395 Montreal 2017-10-04

We would like to inform Milgram’s clientele that there is ongoing issue with respect to the stamping of trade documents by the local office of CBSA in Montreal; the Longroom as it is referred to certifies and then stamps paper manifests including Customs Abstracts (A10s) and Highway Manifests (A8A-Bs) before they can be used by CBSA and transport service providers like us.

While our office is no more than 100 metres away from the local CBSA bureau we are experiencing recurrent delays in receiving stamped documents from the Longroom and this is causing extended wait times and storage on occasion. Turnaround times for stamping vary from two days on average up to as long as five days depending on the day or week. The service standard that the longroom has advertised is twenty-four hours. Our industry association published a bulletin on the topic that is excerpted below:

As has previous been reported by CIFFA, on September 15, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) at Montreal Port 395 is facing the same pressures as everyone else in the inbound movement of goods these days, with regard to a heavy level of import activity.

Now, at week 41, CIFFA members continue to advise the association of delays for the CBSA to stamp and return re-manifest documents at the Montreal Longroom.

On October 3, the Agency confirmed it is facing a 48-hour delay in stamping documents at the Longroom, which has been faced with a steady increase in paper manifests lately. The CBSA is acutely aware of the problem and said it is taking steps to address it. CBSA said it will address the situation by adding on more employees and more overtime hours.

CIFFA has communicated to CBSA that forwarders need the agency to “maintain adequate productivity” with levels of service that are adequate.

Forwarders can receive help with re-manifest questions at the Montreal Operations by contacting

Source: CIFFA


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