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Vessels Diverting from Prince Rupert

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Vessels diverting due to congestion at Prince Rupert 2017-09-18

COSCO has announced that changes are being made to their port rotation and several upcoming sailings to address and avoid sudden and mounting congestion at Prince Rupert, B.C.

At least five vessels are being diverted and will call and discharge their Canadian containers instead at Vancouver (Centerm).

 XIN OU ZHOU  031N  SEP 01  SEP 20
 XIN FEI ZHOU  036N  SEP 15  OCT 04







The other steamship lines that share space on these vessels have not made similar announcements as of this time. Therefore, containers that are aboard these vessels but not moved by COSCO might still be unloaded at Prince Rupert. In its customer advisory, COSCO advised the changing of port of discharge will not affect any rate agreements currently in place, and diversion fees will not be applied by COSCO. COSCO said it will update the change of routing to CBSA.

CIFFA adds “there is a combination of contributing factors and, while investments are being made to alleviate congestion in the system, these efforts may not bear fruit as quickly as needed. In the meantime, dwell times on the docks at Prince Rupert are edging up, with week 37 expected to average 6 to 7 days. Dwell times are expected to slowly decrease during weeks 38 and 39 and, by November, Prince Rupert dwells are expected to be back to its usual, under-three-day average. The Port of Vancouver container terminal performance update shows Centerm in the green, with dwell times under three days”.

Some containers will now move inland by CP Rail instead of CN; while CN is the sole provider for rail service from Prince Rupert, Vancouver-Centerm is serviced exclusively by CP.

Attached is a memorandum provided by COSCO that explains the basis for their decision and contingency plan.

Please contact your Milgram Client Service Representative for any additional information or for a status update on any pending shipments.

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