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CIFFA’s Letter to GTAA about Swissport Strike

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CIFFA Writes to GTAA Requesting Action to Reduce Impacts of Strike 2017-08-25

Further to our latest update on the strike by workers at Swissport Ground Handling at Toronto-Pearson International Airport (PIA) here, CIFFA has written to the Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA) asking that they take action on the issue. CIFFA as well as their member forwarders are hoping that GTAA will act to provide relief on the considerable logistical problems that has caused by the disruption at Swissport and the negative impact that has on air cargo that passes through PIA. The letter from CIFFA begins:
"As we face the fourth week of the strike by Teamsters Local 419 against Swissport at Toronto's Pearson Airport, several members of the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) have requested that we write to you expressing their concern about the delays and costs associated with the strike and asking the GTAA to take immediate action to improve the movement of goods at the airport."
Click here to read the full letter.

Source: CIFFA 


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