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Correction to CETA Cheese – Tariff rate Quota (TRQ) Allocation Application Form

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Updated Allocation Application Form - Correction to Section 17, Table 1 of Appendix 1 2017-08-11

Section 17, Table 1 of the CETA Cheese Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ) (Items 141 to 157 on the Import Control List) allocation application has been corrected to reflect the requirement that distributors are to provide a monthly breakdown of the volume cheese sold during the reference period, not purchased. The provision of sales volumes is required for the calculation of eligible distributor’s market as identified in section 7.2 of Notice to Importers No. 895.
7.2. An eligible distributor’s market share is calculated on the basis of the kilograms of cheese that the applicant sold to other businesses during the reference period in relation to the total market calculated within the applicable pool. Sales to other distributors, sales to related persons and sales of cheese directly to final consumers should not be included in the applicant’s calculation of cheeses sold to other businesses.
If you have already submitted your application as a distributor for the new CETA Cheese TRQ, please update Table 1 and resubmit the revised application prior to September 8th, 2017.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Global Affairs Canada at:

Source: CSCB


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