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Changes to the Canadian TDGRs the importance of dangerous goods training

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Changes to the Canadian TDGRs the importance of dangerous goods training 2017-08-09

The transportation of dangerous goods (DGs) are regulated both within Canada as well as worldwide.
In Canada, the Government Department responsible for such regulation is Transport Canada (TC); TC issues the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (TDGRs) that form the framework for the way that DGs are meant to be handled in Canada.
While the international regulations (for air under IATA) and for marine (under the IMO) come up for amendment every year or every second year respectively, there is no fixed revision cycle for the particular regulations that fall under TC’s jurisdiction. Rule changes are made and then implemented by them on the fly; once published, parties have six months within which they have to comply with any change mandated by TC.
In fact there has been a significant change to the TDGRs that has been announced and it impacts on the following: 
  • Aerosols and gas cartridges  
  • Category A and B infectious substances and medical waste  
  • Explosives 
Read more about the changes in a recent bulletin published by Lion Technology.
We remind our clients that by Canadian Law, shippers and consignees alike have to be adequately trained in order to be able to handle dangerous goods (i.e. offer them for shipment or to receive such goods) but also to be able to distinguish between goods that are or are not regulated or exempted for whatever reason (see TDGRs Sec. 6.2).
It is surprising to note how many categories of goods that might seem to be normal or innocuous actually exhibit properties that might lead to their being considered as regulated (DGs); shippers and receivers in Canada are required to be able to differentiate regulated goods from non-regulated goods and employers are required to deliver training to their employees that is commensurate with their responsibilities.
If in doubt, consult with a subject matter expert that can help you assure that your traffic is compliant.
For information concerning dangerous goods compliance, please contact Ted Chazin, Milgram’s Compliance and Risk Management Consultant.


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