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Delays at Vista Cargo Terminal, Toronto

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Delays at Vista Cargo Terminal, Toronto 2017-08-01

Milgram recently reported on  the strike of workers employed by Swissport Canada Handling here.
Drivers picking up or dropping off items at Vista Cargo (VCC) Terminal are facing long delays due to a Swissport ground crew strike in its fourth day at Pearson International Airport.
More than 700 workers employed by Swissport and represented by Teamsters Local Union 419 walked off the job on July 27 after contract negotiations broke down.
Swissport handles baggage, cargo, cabin cleaning, aircraft towing and flight operations for 45 airlines, including 12 charter and cargo airlines, such as UPS Canada, Nolinor Aviation, and Cathay Pacific Cargo.
Ruth Snowden, Executive Director of the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA), says individual members reported backlogs of 20 to 30 minutes getting into the (VCC) cargo terminal over the weekend, which increased to a delay of up to three hours on Monday morning.
One CIFFA member called the wait times "epic," as union picketers stopped vehicles at both entrance gates to the cargo terminal. A line of vehicles was reported to extend back on to Airport Road in Mississauga, where police are monitoring the situation.
The delays at the entrance gates are also affecting those dropping off packages to carriers for export, and it's recommended that those trying to make shipping deadlines add the delay time to their commutes and cut-off times.
CIFFA members reported inbound cargo that landed at Vista Terminal on the weekend was not processed, or was processed slowly, and delays meant some drivers had to leave and return to pick up packages at a later time, or wait up to three hours for pickup.
"I think the important message is, do not expect your cargo to move as quickly as usual," Snowden said.
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Source: CIFFA


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