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Railroads feel the heat from forest fires in the B.C. interior

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Railroads feel the heat from forest fires in the B.C. interior 2017-07-26

Forest fires are a regular annual occurrence in British Columbia and Alberta during the summertime; the event that so severely impacted Fort McMurray, AB in 2016 is a case of how much damage and hardship these events can cause when they reach beyond the wilderness to touch communities and infrastructure that are occasionally burned up in the process.
The situation in B.C. has been difficult; in the year to date the B.C. Wildfire Service reports that there have been 779 fires province-wide that have consumed combustible material over a land area that extends to 377,800 hectares. To put that into perspective that equates to roughly 3780 square kilometres of forest and brush; a lot of that is over terrain that is extremely rugged. The ten year running average for B.C. is 1844 fires that burn on average of 154,944 hectares per annum.
Luckily for importers and exporters whose goods pass through rail corridors that span some of the affected areas, while adjoining communities along several lines have been evacuated, rail operations remain status quo. If the status of the railroads change for any reason and Milgram are notified by them or our other supply chain partners we will pass the word along to our clientele.

Sources: B.C. Wildfire Service and CN Rail


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