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CN Rail & Dedicated Trains to Montreal & Brampton

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CN Rail & Dedicated Trains to Montreal & Brampton 2017-07-19

COSCO have informed us that CN Rail are now running 2 direct trains a week from Prince Rupert, BC to Montreal during Peak Season.  Trains will depart every Wednesday and Saturday with each train carrying 11840 feet of cargo (approx. 590 TEUS). According to COSCO, CN Rail are running trains almost daily direct to Brampton, ON. We hope that these direct trains will assist to clear up backlog & dwell times in PRR.
However, CN have advised us that this week’s train capacity from Prince Rupert is restricted due to two weather related factors: 
  1. The floods in Wisconsin last week. The flooding occurred on a double track section of the mainline on this corridor. This disruption resulted in delays for both inbound and outbound traffic at our terminals in Chicago, Detroit, Memphis, Joliet and Indianapolis. Majority of our car supply to Rupert originates in Chicago.
  2. The BC Wildfires – slow orders through the affected are slightly impacting velocity. 
As a result of these factors, CN will reduce the number of eastbound trains from 18 to 14 this week (including trains with multiple stops), with 2 of them being direct to Montreal.  
We will continue to keep you informed as we receive updates.


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