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How to Sign Up for a “My CFIA” Online Account 2017-04-25

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is making it possible for importers and exporters of food to complete some of their CFIA business transactions online.
Importers and exporters are encouraged to sign up for a My CFIA account and start the enrolment process. By creating a My CFIA web-based account, CFIA clients will have an easy and secure access to a growing list of online services.
Over the course of 2017, CFIA will gradually add a suite of online services, including: certain permissions for licenses, permits, facility registrations, and non-ministerial exemptions as well as certain export certificates.
The goal of this portal is for stakeholders to electronically provide information to CFIA instead of having to send in paper certificates or other forms and applications. The My CFIA portal will eventually allow for payment for CFIA services online.
CFIA will introduce My CFIA in 4 release stages. The first release began in January 2017, and allowed industry to enroll for a My CFIA account.  Additionally, online requests for dairy establishment registrations was also implemented. As previously mentioned, future releases will introduce a broader range of online services throughout 2017. Details of the services offered in each release stage are outlined in the My CFIA Roll-Out Plan.
Although not presently mandatory, you should enroll as early as possible to take advantage of the online services as they become available. The top 5 reasons to enroll for a My CFIA account:
  1. You will be able to manage your interactions with CFIA at your convenience.
  2. With future releases, you will be able to request certain permissions and export applications online and then monitor and track their progress.
  3. You only need to set up your My CFIA account once.  
  4. Services offered online are in a secure environment. 
  5. Online resources and help features will be available to support you as you begin using My CFIA.
CFIA has published a list of Frequently Asked Questions.
For enrollment information go to: My CFIA – Get Started.

Source: CFIA


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