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Battery Powered Cargo Tracking Devices / Data Loggers

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IATA Guidance Document – Battery Powered Cargo Tracking Devices / Data Loggers 2017-03-27

In the past months there have been many discussions about the relevance of the Lithium Battery regulations for temperature loggers that you might add to the shipments for the sake of recording temperatures during transportation.

IATA has recently issued the attached “Guidance Document – Battery Powered Cargo Tracking Devices / Data Loggers”. The document contains a wealth of information on the subject, including two core statements regarding the exceptions for data loggers:
  1. The lithium battery mark is not required on packages where the data loggers are powered by only button (coin) cells (regardless of the quantity of data loggers in a particular package or the number of packages in a consignment);
  2. The lithium battery mark is not required on packages where there are no more than 4 cells or 2 batteries contained in equipment in each package and there are no more than two packages in the consignment.”
Most temperature loggers fall under the category that are excepted under the first point as they are powered by button cells and thus do not require AWB entries and booking with ELM/ELI information. If you are in doubt of how the devices are powered, please refer to the manufactures device specifications that should contain this information. The Guidance Document is also available here on the IATA Website.

Please note that marking or otherwise announcing shipments to contain lithium batteries - even though they are excepted - can lead to avoidable delays and additional costs due to the necessary check procedures that are then mandatory for shipment containing dangerous goods.

Source: Lufthansa Cargo


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