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Declaration Accepted Message – Change in Timing 2017-03-14

The CBSA has sent  information regarding changes to their "Declaration Accepted" message. This message affects those that receive Release Notification System messages. We were previously able to see a declaration accepted message when our customs release request has been reviewed and accepted by CBSA, regardless of the ACI eManifest status. With new changes that came into force on March 5th the Declaration Accepted Notice will not be sent out until both the release request from the customs broker and the ACI emanifest data from the cargo and conveyance filer is on file. Although under these changes you may not see your declaration accepted message in our tracking system because the ACI eManifest data has not yet been received, rest assured that we are still filing your release requests in the same timely fashion as usual.

The following is the CBSA's message:

With the next release of eManifest functionality that was made available March 4-5, 2017, the timing of the Release Notification System (RNS) class of Notices (RNS, ANS, SNS, QNS) will change. These timing changes have been made to align the Legacy Notices with the eManifest Notices.

Two notable changes are:

1. Previously, an RNS Declaration Accepted (“Dec Accept”) Notice was sent to clients when a Release Request had been accepted and a decision had been made. This decision would be made on the Release Request and independently of other associated documents. The new eManifest design model and the supporting legislation now requires that Advance Commercial Information(ACI) cargo be submitted prior to arrival under most circumstances. Under the new eManifest design model, decisions may not be made on Release Requests until related ACI cargo is accepted in CBSA systems. This means that the Dec Accept Notice may not be sent out until both the Release Request and the ACI cargo are on file.

2. Previously, for shipments that had been referred for examination (REFER SEC) prior to arrival, the Warehouse Operators that subscribed to RNS notices would be notified of the Request For Examination through an RNS Refer To Secondary Notice, while other trade chain partners involved in the shipment would have received an RNS Declaration Accepted notice informing them that a decision has been made on the release request. Under the new D5A design model for RNS Notices in eManifest, the Warehouse Operators will no longer receive the Refer to Secondary until the cargo has arrived at its destination.

Source: Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)


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