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Certain Carbon Steel Fasteners, Interim Review No. RD-2016-001

: Anti-Dumping

CITT Amends its Order — Certain Carbon Steel Fasteners from China and Chinese Taipei 2017-02-22

On February 15, 2017 the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) completed the interim review of its order made on January 5, 2015, in Expiry Review Inquiry No. RR-2014-001, in respect of certain carbon steel fasteners originating in or exported from the People’s Republic of China and Chinese Taipei.
The CITT is continuing, with amendment, its order made on January 6, 2010, in Expiry Review No. RR-2009-001, and continuing, with amendment, its findings made on January 7, 2005, in Inquiry No. NQ-2004-005.
The CITT hereby amends its order made on January 5, 2015, to exclude, effective May 16, 2016, the following goods:
shoulder bolts made of steel, grade 5, and zinc-plated, with a hexagonal head, an unthreaded cylindrical shoulder section ranging from 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch in diameter, and a threaded section that is smaller in diameter than the shoulder ranging from 3/8 inch to 7/8 inch in length and between 10-24 and 5/8-11 in common thread sizes.
The full text of the Interim Review Order can be viewed here.

Source: CITT


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