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September 2017
September 2017

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China Pollution Inspections Disrupting Supply Chains
Posted on : 2017.09.20

Change to Simard’s storage policy effective September 30, 2017
Posted on : 2017.09.18

Vessels diverting due to congestion at Prince Rupert
Posted on : 2017.09.18

Preparing for China's Golden Week: Chinese Celebration Will Disrupt Supply Chains
Posted on : 2017.09.14

Typhoon Talim, Tropical Storm Doksuri Bear Down on Southeast Asia
Posted on : 2017.09.13

France: Strikes and Protests against Macron's Labour Reforms Kick Off
Posted on : 2017.09.13

Canadian West Coast Ports -- Expect Ongoing Delays to Operations
Posted on : 2017.09.12

Hurricane Irma Wreaks Havoc in the Caribbean and the South Eastern United States
Posted on : 2017.09.12

Hurricane Harvey's Supply Chain Impact May Be Worse than Expected: Resilinc
Posted on : 2017.09.11

Slowing Air Freight Exports from China Fail to Dampen Market
Posted on : 2017.09.11

Mumbai supply chains still tangled after worst rain in a decade
Posted on : 2017.09.01

Eid-Ul-Azha Operational Schedule in Bangladesh
Posted on : 2017.08.30

Port of Prince Rupert Completes Fairview Terminal Expansion
Posted on : 2017.08.30

Hurricane Harvey to Disrupt Nearly 10% of U.S. Trucking
Posted on : 2017.08.30

Harvey Hits the Texas Coast and Leaves Extensive Flooding and Destruction in its Path
Posted on : 2017.08.28

CIFFA Writes to GTAA Requesting Action to Reduce Impacts of Strike
Posted on : 2017.08.25

Hong Kong's Port and Airport Closed as Typhoon Hato Makes Landfall
Posted on : 2017.08.24

Union Rejects Employer’s Offer Extended by Swissport Handling in Toronto
Posted on : 2017.08.24

BMSB Mitigation for 2017-18 Season in Effect for Exports from the USA and Italy to Australia
Posted on : 2017.08.22

Stolen Containers: A Persistent Problem
Notice to importers and exporters: if you utilize full ocean containers or highway semi trailers you must read this important message
Posted on : 2017.08.21

BRICS Summit to cause disruption in Xiamen during the week of Aug. 31st to Sep. 6th
Posted on : 2017.08.17

Importers, exporters, truckers and forwarders fretting over unreasonable wait times at CN and CP rail
Posted on : 2017.08.14

ILWU membership ratifies new collective bargaining agreement
Posted on : 2017.08.14

Changes to the Canadian TDGRs the importance of dangerous goods training
Posted on : 2017.08.09

The Port of Qingdao, China bans seven categories of dangerous goods
Posted on : 2017.08.09

Port workers at Jakarta container terminals suspend strike
Posted on : 2017.08.08

Strike Action Spreading at Jakarta's Tanjung Priok Port
Posted on : 2017.08.04

Delays at Vista Cargo Terminal, Toronto
Posted on : 2017.08.01

Seven Day Strike Planned At Jakarta International Container Terminal
Posted on : 2017.08.01

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